Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the Incorporation of Huddersfield

Section 4: 1908 to 1928

The Huddersfield Centenary Pageant Parade was held on Saturday 22 June 1968.

The following photographs are of the 1908 to 1928 section of the parade…

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…continue to Section 5 (1928 to 1948) of the parade.

If you appear in one of the photographs, or you know someone who does, please get in touch!

The photographs are reproduced with the express permission of the respective copyright holders and may not be reproduced further:

  • Clifford Stephenson, courtesy Christopher Marsden (held by WYAS Kirklees)
  • Huddersfield Examiner from images held by Kirklees Museums at Heritage Quay
  • Huddersfield Local Studies Library, courtesy Kirklees Libraries
  • Sandra Harling
  • Sotnik and Dixon collection, courtesy Christopher Marsden

Included in this section of the parade were:

  • “Electric Tram” by Huddersfield Corporation Passenger Transport Department
  • “World War I” by the British Legion
  • “Purchase of the Ramsden Estate” by Huddersfield Corporation Estate & Property Management Department
  • “Suffragettes” by Huddersfield Townswomen’s Guild
  • “Band of Hope” by Rawthorpe Children
  • Huddersfield Town Football Club
  • “Musicals of the Past” by Huddersfield Amateur Light Operatic Society
  • “Dancing 20’s” by Miss France & Miss Spencer
  • “Guides of Old” and “Guides of Today” by Huddersfield Girl Guides
  • “Brigadoon” by Huddersfield Amateur Operatic Society
  • Fartown Rugby Football Club
  • “Origin of Toc H” by Huddersfield Toc H
  • Steam engine “Joyce” by Mr. P. S. Carter

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  1. Stephen Parker

    That is me, Stephen Parker, dressed in claret and gold on the HC&AC float holding onto the four trophies. My dad was assistant secretary at Fartown and I was the ball boy. We polished the trophies the night before but on the day they were not tied on very securely so I had to hold onto them for the entire pageant.