Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the Incorporation of Huddersfield

Section 1: Veteran & Vintage Motor Cars

The Huddersfield Centenary Pageant Parade was held on Saturday 22 June 1968.

The following photographs are of the parade of veteran and vintage motor cars…

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…continue to Section 2 (1868 to 1888) of the parade.

If you appear in one of the photographs, or you know someone who does, please get in touch!

The photographs are reproduced with the express permission of the respective copyright holders and may not be reproduced further:

  • Clifford Stephenson, courtesy Christopher Marsden (held by WYAS Kirklees)
  • Huddersfield Examiner from images held by Kirklees Museums at Heritage Quay
  • Huddersfield Local Studies Library, courtesy Kirklees Libraries
  • Sandra Harling
  • Sotnik & Dixon collection, courtesy Christopher Marsden

The vehicles that took part in the parade appear to have differed slightly to those advertised in the official “Programme of Events” leaflet. The full list (not all of which are believed to have taken part) and the known additions to the programme are:

  1. 1901 Clement Pannard (Major J. E. France)
  2. 1903 De Dion Bouton (Mr. A. S. Dunning)
  3. 1904 De Dion Bouton (Mr. G. Hartley)
  4. 1906 Renault (Dr. N. R. Marshmam)
  5. 1907 Rolls-Royce (Mr. J. P. Smith)
  6. 1907 Niclausse (Mr. P. Black)
  7. 1908 Model ‘T’ Ford (Mr. F. Baxter)
  8. 1910 Renault (Mr. Bosomworth)
  9. 1910 Hotchkiss (Mr. G. H. Taylor)
  10. 1911 Renault (Mr. C. France)
  11. 1918 Sunbeam (Mr. E. Short)
  12. 1921 L.S.D. (Mr A. S. Dunning)
  13. 1925 3-Litre Bentley (Mr A.S. Dunning)
  14. 1926 Rolls-Royce (Mr. Alex Rippon)
  15. 1926 Albion Brake (Mr. E. Short)
  16. 1926 Morris Crowley (Mr. E. Gray)
  17. 1905 Minerva (Mr. P. Black)
  18. 1913 De Dion Bouton (Mr. P. Black)
  19. 1909 Daimler (Mr. P. Black)
  20. Vulcan Lorry
  21. 1925 Leyland Bus

1 Comment

  1. Richard Netherwood

    13. 1925 Bentley did belong to A.S. (Tony) Dunning and is being driven by my late father, John Netherwood. Front passenger’s his long-time friend, Mike Kitson.